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Spring Loaded Hand Proofer


The hand proofer consists of a handle assembly, with inner bracket to provide ball bearing mounting of the anilox roller. A spring located inside the handle provides a calibrated spring pressure to engage the anilox and rubber roller.  Also located in the handle is a turnbutton that allows the rollers to be disengaged for cleaning or storage.  Needle bearings in bearing blocks support the rubber roller.


Anilox Roller

Our anilox rollers are made of steel, with mechanically engraved cells, with chrome plated finish. 



Special order anilox rollers with steel core and ceramic coating are available to meet your needs.
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Rubber Rollers

Three hardness ranges afford selection to match durometer hardness with on-press rollers.  Softest is 40/45 durometer, 50/55 durometer provides a mid-range hardness, and 70/75 durometer rollers complete our line.
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Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available for customers to repair units that are worn or damaged.  We do not provide repair service.
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