Parts, Pricing and Usage


Note: Prices are per EACH, not pairs.  Order one, two or four each as required.


Part Number Description Qty. used Price Each
HP-107/120 Handle- no spring or turnbutton  Handle- no spring or turnbutton 1 $100.00
HP-108/113 Inner Bracket with Plunger Pin Inner Bracket with Plunger Pin 1 $60.00
HP-109 Bearing Block- NO Bearing Bearing Block- NO Bearing 2 $20.00
HP-109/HP-RRB Bearing Block with Bearing Installed small_metal_piece 2 $38.00
HP-111/112 Turnbutton ass’y with adjuster nut Turnbutton ass'y with adjuster nut 1 $45.00
HP-113 Plunger Pin ( not usually ordered) cylinder 1 $5.00
HP-201 Spring Spring 1 $7.00
HP-202 Set Screw for Turnbutton ( allen socket) Set Screw for Turnbutton ( allen socket) 1 $0.40
HP-203 Screw for Bearing Block (Phillips) Screw for Bearing Block (Phillips) 2 $0.15
HP-204 Lockwasher for Bearing Block Screw ring 4 $0.075
HP-205 Set Screw for Adj. Nut (allen socket) Set Screw for Adj. Nut (allen socket)1 2 $0.15
HP-ARB Bearing for Anilox Roller Bearing for Anilox Roller 2 $15.00
HP-RRB Rubber Roller Bearing only Rubber Roller Bearing only3 2 $18.00
HP-RRBB Rubber Roller Bronze Bearing nut 2 $9.00
40/45 Rubber Roller Rubber Roller 1 $90.00
50/55 Rubber Roller 1 $90.00
70/75 Rubber Roller 1 $90.00



Special Order Ceramic Anilox Rollers

We are pleased to offer Ceramic Coated Anilox Rollers in custom engraved line count and cell volume.  Pricing for complete Spring Loaded Hand Proofers with ceramic anilox rollers is $1500.00, and is non-returnable due to custom manufacturing to your order. Ceramic anilox only is $1151.00.  We recommend mounting into an inner bracket assembly with bearings.  Price for Inner bracket assembly with ceramic anilox roller and ball bearings is $1232.00.

You must specify line count and cell volume.  Line count must be limited to 1200/inch. Cell angle will be 60 degrees.  Cell volume for 1200 line rollers cannot exceed 2.0 bcm. Lower line count will allow larger cell volume.  Please inquire if you have a specific requirement.

Delivery will be approximately four to five weeks from receipt of order.